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We have helped organisations across Australia develop their recruitment and selection processes for years. Now we’re switching sides. We’re taking all our expertise in training hiring managers to choose the best candidate, and using it to make sure that candidate is you.
We’re psychologists who hold Masters level qualifications in organisational psychology with  extensive experience in recruitment and selection.
We’ve yet to see a template that works for everyone. All our content is handwritten by our experts. We will never outsource either.
We don’t believe in confusing packages designed to up-sell our offerings. One flat price per resume is all you pay, regardless of your experience or level.

We craft the Resumes & CV's that get you noticed and shortlisted by Potential Employers

We’re a team of recruitment and selection professionals who felt that our skills could be put to good use in helping our fellow Australians get that career they’ve always wanted. Our Perth resume writers are registered psychologists who hold Masters level qualifications in organisational psychology and have years of experience in recruitment and selection processes. This experience ranges from training and consulting roles to conducting our own hiring processes as an external agency.

In short, we know what recruiters are looking for in a resume, because we spent years teaching them what to look for. At Sagepath, we truly do live and breath recruitment and selection and we are proud to guarantee that every word on every resume we produce is typed up for each client in Perth, WA by us alone. We will never outsource our work either locally or overseas.

A resume is not just a list of your achievements and where you went to school, it is a cohesive story of “you” and who you are. As much a work of art as it is a technical creation, your resume is your one chance to catch the attention of a hiring manager and get your foot in the door. It’s something worth getting done right the first time, which is where our resume writing services come in. You have enough stressful issues to deal with in your job search, your resume shouldn’t be one of them.

Resume Review

Send us your resume (PDF, DOC or DOCX) for a no-obligations review. Most of our clients started here. Your information will not be used for any other purpose than to provide the review. 

Perth Resume Writers

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$250 / Resume or CV

Perth Resume Services

Get to know our Perth Resume Writers

(And other Frequently asked Questions)

Why did you change your name from Resume Wolf to Sagepath ?

In 2020, we decided to devote more time to individual career development and now provide a range of services, not just resume writing. As such, we felt the name Resumewolf was a little too restrictive and might lead people to think we only offered resume writing and nothing else.

What does a psychologist have to do with business and hiring ? Don't you see patients in hospitals?

Nope ! Psychology is a diverse field and both our resume writers are registered psychologists who hold a Masters in Organisational Psychology. Organisational Psychology, also called Industrial or Corporate psychology deals largely with optimising the human capital of an organisation and ensuring that employees are working at optimal productivity. You can read up more about what we do here.

In our experience, this generally starts with choosing the best candidate for the job. We have trained hiring managers in recruitment and we have also conducted our own hiring as external consultants. We know the game. 

Why did you stop offering cover letters and LinkedIn Updates?

After a hectic year in business, we have streamlined our approach to what we offer as we keep finding ourselves bogged down and backlogged. We’re grateful for all the business but by cutting out cover letters and LinkedIn updates, we are able to focus more on delivering what we do best, resumes.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ll leave you hanging. Check back soon for some awesome guides on updating your LinkedIn profile and writing cover letters written by our experts coming soon !

How do you offer such low prices for your resume writing services?

We firmly believe in the necessity of the service we provide and our expertise in providing it. Pricing ourselves above the budget of those who we believe need our services the most just doesn’t make sense to us. We understand that money is tight when you are trying hard to find work. We try not to add to that burden.

We have made a lot of effort to save money where we can and streamline our processes without compromising on our service (e.g. this website, which we designed & built ourselves, and the amazing email template we created for collecting information conveniently and accurately), and are happy to pass these savings onto you.

Do you offer price matching?

Like most consulting services, we do not offer price matching. You are paying for our expertise and time. That said, we believe our prices are some of the most (if not THE most) competitive at our level of training and experience.

Are you professional resume writers certified?

No we are not, and until a credible regulatory agency in Australia is developed, we will never see the need to pay a business in the USA a yearly fee to use unregulated credentials and put badges on our website that are supposed to display our resume writing abilities.

All our writers hold a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology and are registered psychologists with AHPRA. We are also professional members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI). 

Do you outsource any of your work?

Outsourcing our work would defeat the very purpose of why we started Sagepath. Every word in your finished product will have been written by our two Australian resume writers who built up their expertise and experience in local conditions, and have a thorough understanding of local hiring processes.

Do you charge more for executive resumes or less for fresh graduates?

Nope ! We offer one convenient fixed price no matter where you are in your career. We are equally at home writing CV’s for fresh graduates looking to get into further education and for managers looking to get that executive level position. 

Can I just pay you and send you my old resume for you to work your magic on ?

Unfortunately, no. Building a top performing resume is a process we need to work collaboratively on. Rest assured, we’ll do all the hard work but you have to let us know particular details about your resume components.

In our experience, it is generally no more tedious than having a 15 minute conversation or writing a 1-2 page email. Our questions will be highly specific and tailored just to you, so don’t worry if you are not a good writer / speaker.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for our work. Once payment is made, work begins. If you are unhappy with the work you received, we are happy to make adjustments as necessary (and reasonable), at our discretion.

We do however, ask that you trust us, and be assured that we will give you a product reflecting the absolute best of our abilities the first time round. Ultimately, your resume has one purpose, and we will most definitely make sure it fits that purpose. You should read our terms of service for more information about our policies.

P.S Almost all of our clients are satisfied with the first draft we submit, and the rest usually have minor changes or edits they would like done. We’re proud to say we have a pretty amazing track record of customer satisfaction.

Resume Writers perth

Bespoke solutions for every client means you have to work together with our resume writers to create a top quality product. We ask that you do your best to provide us with all necessary information as requested. Collaboration is key here.

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